Cancellation policy

Conditions of refund of the deposit.

The refund requested must be more than 20 €. To enable us to re-let the places, the request must reach us 15 days before the reserved date .

The refunded deposit will bear a contribution to the costs of :

  • 5 € for deposits between 20 and 50 €.
  • 10 % for deposits over 50 €.

These conditions do not apply to groups of more than 10 people who will be the subject of a specific impact study.

Case of partial cancellations. In case of reduction of the stay or of the number of people, the orders not honoured will be invoiced for 1/3 of their value. Meals or breakfasts cancelled too late will be invoiced in full. We therefore strongly recommend that you inform us as soon as possible to facilitate the reimbursement of your deposit :D !

What is the deposit system ? A deposit is neither a guarantee nor a down payment. They generally represent 1/3 of the reservation and oblige the parties to respect their commitments. The customer can break his commitments but renounces his deposit. For our part, in the event in which we would be unable to provide the service reserved, we would be obliged to offer an equivalent service or to pay a sum equal to twice the deposit (don't worry, in 30 years this type of mistake has only occurred 3 times :D).